The Latin American Traveler Report

While regional differences and language factor into the uniqueness of the Latin American traveler, the 6 mega-trends identified in this report are defining what these consumers expect from brands.

Innovations that lead to new products, services, and campaigns can come from any industry. Get inspired by the examples included in this report, from brands including MSC & Costa Cruises, Starbucks, Gol and Brazil-based car rental service Localiza.

How do these trends apply to your brand?
Overall tourism growth in Latin America is positive. Hotel brands, ranging from budget to luxury, are investing in Latin America. And as the region stabilizes, Latin American consumers are able and ready to spend more in travel.

As Latin American consumers gain purchasing power and are able to acquire more items, they will increasingly achieve their status fix from unique stories they can tell – about the places they go, the people they meet and the experiences they have.

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