In all corners of the globe, Covid-19 is rewriting the rules of hotel distribution. Consumer demand stands at record lows (but is recovering), travel habits and priorities are evolving, and the old rules of hotel distribution acquisition and channel management are in flux. To top it all off, many hotel owners face difficult decisions about staffing, cash flow, and marketing as they fight valiantly to survive this unprecedented moment.

How should hoteliers proceed in this chaotic, rapidly evolving environment?

In the following guide, Skift and Sabre Hospitality review the emerging best practices hotels need to consider to ensure a diversified distribution playbook that will succeed in this period of rapid change.

In this deck, you’ll find:

  • 2020 estimates of shifts in hotel distribution demand, by channel, across all key regions of the world
  • Analysis of how hotel distribution strategies will need to adapt to the changing market conditions created by Covid-19
  • Quotes and insights from hotel executives about key distribution trends looking ahead to 2021 and beyond
  • Case studies from hotels around the world, offering learnings to help industry executives optimize their own approach


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