Webinar Series 


Webinar 1 
How Google is adapting to change in user behavior on the Metasearch channel
Date 17 November 2020
Session 1 3:00pm SGT (6pm AEDT / 8am CET)
Session 2 10:00am CST (5pm CET / 8am PST)



Webinar 2
Power of indirect channels to tap into the pent-up travel demand 
Session 1 19 November 2020
                   10:00am CST (5pm CET / 8am PST)
Session 2 20 November 2020
                   11:00am SGT (2pm AEDT / 8:30am IST)




Webinar 3
Leading the recovery in 2021 with direct distribution channel
Session 1 1 December 2020
                   10:00am CST (5pm CET / 8am PST)
Session 2 2 December 2020
                   11:00am SGT (2pm AEDT / 8:30am IST)


The year 2020 has forced hoteliers to abandon their long-held beliefs, assumptions, and proven success formulae (if any) about their businesses. While the hospitality industry is still reeling under the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, on the brighter side, there have been greenshoots of recovery in different regions across the globe. As 2021 is fast approaching us, following are some key questions to be addressed as you plan for the new year ahead:

  • How well do you understand these greenshoots of recovery?
  • How have the different channels responded through the pandemic?
  • What innovations and recent enhancements can you leverage to achieve more with fewer resources?
  • How do you leverage these learnings to plan for 2021 under the new normal?

Join industry experts from Sabre, Google, Cendyn, and Booking.com in a series of 3 webinars that explores the booking trends across channels, innovations that enable resource-strapped hoteliers to maximize efficiencies, and guidance to plan for 2021 under the new paradigms dictated by the pandemic. 

Each webinar will be offered in two sessions to cater to the global audiences. 


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