Covid-19 is forcing businesses to think beyond the norm. Nothing is certain. No business is immune. The global pandemic has propelled the need for rapid change in every industry, and hospitality has been known to lag others in regard to evolving to consumer demands. Change is no longer an option, but a necessity. Now more than ever, hoteliers must look beyond the room for revenue opportunities to thrive in the current landscape and to ensure long-term success.

Download our guide to learn how you can increase revenue and improve the guest experience by leveraging every feature, policy, amenity, service, space, event, and experience accessible at and near your property. Learn how to create unique offerings that both inspire travelers looking to book and delight them during their stay. We’ll explore:

  • Why it’s important for hoteliers to think like a retailer
  • How to drive direct bookings for your hotel through retailing policy, spaces, and experiences to both on-property and off-property guests
  • Actions you can take now to take advantage of the retail revolution

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