Retail Revolution: Trends Fueling the Transformation of Hoteliers into Retailers

As technology and consumer behaviors change, so do the brands and experiences guests seek and value. Hoteliers must adapt their mind-frame in order to stay relevant in a world full of alternatives.


Trends at the intersection of retail and hospitality

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Hoteliers are continually faced with new and difficult challenges in a transforming marketplace. People are connected to their devices in a way like never before. Personalization is the new expectation, and hoteliers undoubtedly know that creating a more personalized experience is necessary to stay relevant.

90% of travelers worldwide say they expect a personalized experience when they book their travel.
– Medium

But what does this actually mean for hoteliers today? It's no longer just about driving direct bookings, having a broad distribution mix, an amazing website, or a seamless booking process. All of these things are all still relevant and important, but it won't take you to that next level. When we think about what it takes to be successful in the future, it involves a whole new way of thinking. The "retail revolution" is essentially a shift in perspective in which hoteliers must operate with a retail mentality.

Armed with guest data, physical space and local perspective, hoteliers are in a prime position to become the ultimate retailer.

This report outlines major trends fueling the cohesion of hospitality and retail with real-world examples of how brands are responding. It is crucial for hoteliers to understand the trends in order to keep pace with consumer expectations. Download the free report today to learn how a retail mindset can help increase revenue while also providing the types of experiences travelers desire.

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