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How hoteliers can keep up with the evolution of metasearch

Most hoteliers know Metasearch allows them to compete for that prime real estate typically dominated by OTAs. But, being present in this ad space isn’t always an easy task – especially with new entrants and recent changes that have – and continue to transform what is required for an optimal campaign.
In this session, you’ll not only benefit from a comprehensive view of the many changes affecting Metasearch, but we’ll take a deep dive into best practices and strategies. Among other things, you’ll learn:

  • Recent changes made to the metasearch landscape
  • Adjustments that need to be made in response
  • Changes to expect next – and how to prepare
  • Best practices for success in metasearch

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Meet the speakers

Chad Baldwin

Vice President of Sales and Business Development for Koddi, has 20 years of experience in global technology product management, marketing, and sales. Chad helps Koddi enable the world's top travel brands to maximize booking volume and return on investment across their metasearch channels including Google Hotel Ads, TripAdvisor, Trivago, and Kayak. With Koddi’s deep analytics and high-level insights that align with the advertiser's source of truth, Chad fulfills his passion to drive customer success and strategic growth.

Jack Catton

As the Principal Digital Marketing Management Consultant for Sabre Hospitality Solutions, Jack Catton is a dedicated hospitality professional with extensive experience in online marketing media (social media, SEO, PPC, mobile, and email) and online media campaign management. He specializes in tactical sales development, leveraging the strength and breadth of Sabre's technology, marketing, and distribution tools to bring hoteliers high-performing, end-to-end solutions.

Nick Hopkins

Nick Hopkins the Director of Search Engine Marketing for Sabre Hospitality Solutions. Nick has over 9 years of experience helping hoteliers take back their direct bookings through search (organic, paid, and metasearch). Nick is able to apply his previous experience in digital marketing when helping hoteliers increase their revenue.